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Beverly Hills Productions was founded by filmmaker Michael P. Nash more than a decade ago. Our projects have won many awards across the globe and have been screened at commercial theaters, television networks, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, the House and Senate, the Vatican, the Pentagon, the United Nations, DAVOS, hundreds of universities including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and USC, plus many churches, governments, and NGO's around the globe. We currently have one film in production, along with 3 television shows and 2 narrative films in different stages of development and preproduction.


Our films have literally taken us around the world. From the Arctic Circle to the tiny island of Tuvalu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we have produced projects in over fifty countries and have had  our films and television shows screened in another 80 countries. And, we still have a couple more places to see. 


Beverly Hills Productions has always been driven to content that entertains as well as educates. We like to call ourselves commercially independent production house.  

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Contact Us

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Beverly Hills Productions

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